Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Maestia Rise of Keledus Activation Key Generator, Crack For PC

Maestia: Rise of Keledus, a fantasy MMORPG, is not a new game, but is new at WarpPortal, the game portal of Gravity Interactive. It was first launched in Nov 2010, moved to in Jan. of 2012, and now announced to go live at WarpPortal this summer. Now at the official teaser game site, players can get a quick glimpse of the backstory.
Maestia takes place in a prosperous land that is now faced with threat of extinction with the rise of Keledus, a once righteous man corrupted by his acquired power. As the powers of Goddess Ia burst into shards of light, Keledus found power but couldn’t use it to create life. Raged, Keledus decided to destroy the world and make one of his own. That’s where players enter the game, fighting to right the world and rise to be a god.
Maestia is full-featured to allow players to experience almost all that are expected from a fantasy MMORPG, with role-playing, action and adventure included. In it, players can select from four different classes with specific skill trees, and choose to join one of two opposing factions. Both PvE and PvP combat are available. Players can follow the quest line, exploring the wild alone to battle monsters and partying with other players to crawl instanced dungeons. In addition to teamwork for certain tasks, players can become part of a guild so as to participate in the scaled factional war. Moreover, there are also class-locked mounts, pets, and in-depth crafting system, etc. in the game. In-game graphics seems great; of that, players can preview and judge from the released screenshots.

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